Adrienne Rosenberg

AS Pre-Science @ The University of New Mexico - Taos | BS @ New Mexico Highlands University

Adrienne Rosenberg is originally from Memphis, TN where the muddy Mississippi butts against the flatlands and sometimes spills into the city. Currently, she reside in a small village known as La Bolsa, NM Adrienne is seeking a degree in Forestry with a minor in Wildlife Management and expects to graduate in Fall 2022 from Highlands University. Adrienne has had many incredible opportunities working in the field with Jan-Willem Jansens of Ecotones Landscaping Planning on erosion control and acequias, Cerro Negro Forestry Project on forest management and monitoring, Dr. Olivia Carril on collecting data on native bees throughout New Mexico, New Mexico State University Sustainable Agriculture Science Center on her research of native bees, and with her own company Woven Web Design installing native bee habitat across northern New Mexico. She is also an audiophile and has worked on several documentaries centering around the subjects of land, acequias, and the people who inhabit them. Adrienne aims to one day become a restoration ecologist and create pollinator habitat by restoring farm and ranch land while also preserving acequia rights. In her free time, Adrienne dances Lindy Hop, Blues, Balboa, Haitian, and Charleston and garden.