Carol Linder

Co-Program Director

Carol Linder currently teaches biology, develops STEM curriculum, and writes grants at New Mexico Highlands University.  Trained as a cell and developmental biologist at the University of Texas at Austin, her research interests center on understanding gene regulation and normal cellular functions using animal models of human disease. As a biology professor at Highlands, she mentored over 40 undergraduate and 13 graduate students in her reproductive biology research program using mouse models of infertility to understand spermatogenesis. Carol also served as an interim academic administrator for several years.  Dr. Linder’s current research interests are focused on improving STEM education and actively engaging students in the classroom.  Carol was raised in Espanola, NM and she and her history professor husband Peter raised their now adult children, Katie and Charlie, in Las Vegas.  Carol enjoys cycling, spending time in the mountains, reading, music, and traveling.